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Wes Lake - Ottawa, ON, canada
Great Service, I always take both cars to Don.

megan - , ,
hi daddyu ilove you
Mark Hoekstra - Kanata, Ontario, Canada
I wish to extend a huge thank you to the Fournier Service team. As always, service and quality of workmanship is beyond reproach. I will never go anywhere else again for my service needs.
Laurie Lance - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Don and his team have provided great service over the many years that i have known Don. He goes above and beyond for all of his customers. Great work Don and the Fournier Team. Again,thank you for everything.
Mike D. - Ottawa, ON, Canada
Don and his team are fantastic. They're very experienced and reliable. I drive across town to have my car serviced there because they have the customer's best interest in mind. Thanks Don!
Dave H - Sudbury, ON,
We just returned home from vacationing in Ottawa, a vacation saved from major stress by Don and his technician, Matt Robitaille. We experienced issues with our vehicle while towing our tent trailer. In an unfamiliar town, you worry about being taken advantage of at an unfamiliar garage, but instead of gouging us they had compassion on us and got us going quickly, effectively and affordably. Many thanks, guys!!
Dale Bonnarr - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
First time customer and was treated unbelievably well. Very friendly staff and professional. Would not take my car anywhere else after the experience I had at this shop! - Brighton, ONTARIO, CANADA
I know of a young Soldier that Your Shop took care of recently and most generously took care of his exhaust system then Thanked him for his service to Our Country, then passed an extremely reasonable bill which he gladly paid. Thank You from the father of a Veteran, I hope that you and your business do very well as You are a great Business and should be thanked for taking care of Them Who Take Care of Us. Thank You and may God Bless :)